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Medical Finance Options

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Surgery Payment Solutions and Financing for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

We are unable to provide personalised financial advice, so it is important to assess your personal financial circumstances before proceeding with your surgery.

Patients may have a variety of options for financing a surgical procedure.

If you want to seek financing solutions for your cosmetic or plastic surgery, such as medical finance, you will need to contact a third party company such as TLC or SuperCare. You may also contact third party loan providers, or your bank, for a personal loan.

For patients who may choose to access their superannuation, this can generally only be permitted on compassionate grounds. For example, if the procedure is considered to be medically necessary.

If you do need personalised advice on managing the costs of your procedure, we recommend seeking advice from a professional in the area, such as a financial planner.


Please note that we are not affiliated with, or do not endorse, any particular financing company.

We are not a credit provider – all finance and credit providers that patients will need to contact for financing options are independent, external companies. We do not receive any rebates or commissions from any banks or credit suppliers.