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How to choose the right plastic surgeon

Dr Hanikeri offers a range of surgical procedures for the breasts, body and face.

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It is important to do your research when choosing a plastic surgeon. 

Plastic surgery can enhance your features or alter your body shape to your desired result. Having a procedure is a big decision, so your safety and appearance should be handled with quality care and experienced hands.


When choosing a plastic surgeon, ensure they have the qualifications and experience to provide the best possible outcomes. Any doctor can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon, however, ensure you are choosing a Specialist Plastic Surgeon as they have undergone additional education and training to specialise in your treatment.

Your surgeon should be a member of The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), which is a non-profit organisation that strives to maintain the highest standard of surgical practice and ethics in Plastic Surgery Australia.

All plastic surgeons have undergone training in plastic surgery recognised by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) and have been awarded the title of FRACS (Plastic Surgery), while doctors that have MBBS behind their name only have a medical degree. Some cosmetic doctors have a range of other letters after their names many of which are not associated with any accredited training programs.

Specialist Plastic Surgeons have extensive surgical education and training with a minimum of 14 years medical and surgical education. By choosing a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, you minimise the risk of any surgical complications, by ensuring you have the best quality and experience behind you.

Level of trust

During your initial consultation with your Plastic Surgeon, it is vital that you feel comfortable and confident with the surgeon. Not only do you need to consider their qualifications, but it is also important you feel able to communicate openly with your surgeon, to discuss your needs and expectations.

It will be clear your surgeon cares about your needs when they inform you of all risks, the realistic outcomes from the surgery and that they consider your goals are and how they might accommodate you. Ensure your surgeon takes their time to discuss the process and vision of the procedure, and again works with you to develop a personalized procedure plan that suits your desired outcome.

Your Plastic Surgeon should answer all of your questions thoroughly and clearly, offers alternatives when appropriate and most importantly, leaves the final decision up to you.

Questions to ask your surgeon

It is important you ask questions during your initial consultation to understand the procedure and feel more comfortable with your surgeon such as:

  • Are you a good candidate for the procedure?
  • What are the expected results and what can be achieved?
  • What are the possible risks and complications?
  • What can you expect in the recovery period from your treatment?

You may even ask about your Plastic Surgeon’s experiences and outcomes to ease your mind from any potential complications.


Although you may be tempted to find the cheapest deal or lowest price, it should never be a determining factor. In many cases your results are permanent or semi-permanent, it is crucial that you choose a surgeon based on their skill, experience, and treatment plan.

If you were worried about the costs of treatment, speak to your surgeon about finance options.

How can Dr Mark Hanikeri help?

Dr Mark Hanikeri in Perth offers a range of plastic surgery treatments, including face, body, and breasts. If you were looking to enhance your appearance to reconstruct troubled areas to boost your confidence, you may consider plastic surgery.

To find out more about the procedures Dr Hanikeri offers, please click here.

To arrange a consultation with Dr Mark Hanikeri, please do not hesitate to contact us here, or give us a call on (08) 9380 0311. We look forward to hearing you and help you achieve your dream result.