Body Consultation Series Body Contouring

When a patient comes in after having lost a lot of weight, they are left with excess skin. Find out the problem areas body contouring can address and the most common types of patients that Dr Hanikeri sees in his practice for this procedure.

Body Consultation Series Tummy Tuck

A patient can undergo tummy tuck surgery for different reasons. Generally, Dr Hanikeri most commonly sees these patient’s post-pregnancy and weight loss patients with the desire to achieve a flatter, more contoured abdomen. In this video, Dr Mark Hanikeri discusses the ideal candidate for tummy tuck surgery.

Body Makeover Consultation Series

In the words of Dr Mark Hanikeri, “People are searching mummy makeover because they have this idea that pregnancy and childbirth has destroyed their bodies and they, therefore, need to improve them. Body makeover simply refers to a wide variety of procedures and I think it’s probably preferable to talk to patients about those procedures.” Watch the video to learn what these procedures consist of.

Body Consultation Series Liposuction

Liposuction refers to a special technique where probes are inserted through small incisions to remove excess fat from stubborn areas. In this video, Dr Mark Hanikeri discusses candidacy for liposuction, lists the common problems areas liposuction can address and what results you can expect post-operation. Notice: Liposuction is not an alternative for weight loss surgery.

Body Consultation Series Lipedema

Typically associated with hormonal changes, Lipedema is a condition found in every 1 in 11 women where they have very significant fat accumulation, particularly in their thighs, legs and arms. Watch Dr Mark Hanikeri explain how he can use water-assisted liposuction to alleviate these stubborn fat deposits.