Breast Consultation Series Resizing

After a few weeks with the implants as they do initially and certainly not as big as they think they are when they try the sizes on before the operation. This leads to patients returning to the practice wishing to go bigger. “If I think what they’re trying to achieve in terms of proportion and appearance is consistent with larger implants. I’m more than happy to change them over.” Watch Dr Hanikeri explain resize to a bigger implant.

Body Makeover Consultation Series

In the words of Dr Mark Hanikeri, “People are searching mummy makeover because they have this idea that pregnancy and childbirth has destroyed their bodies and they, therefore, need to improve them. Body makeover simply refers to a wide variety of procedures and I think it’s probably preferable to talk to patients about those procedures.” Watch the video to learn what these procedures consist of.

Implant Removal Consultation Series

“Some patients come for removal of breast implants because there are complications capsular contracture, implant rupture, movement of the implant distortion or displacement of the implant.” Quotes Dr Mark Hanikeri. In this video, Dr Hanikeri discusses common reasons for women wanting their implants removed, things you need to consider prior to the surgery, and what you can expect post-surgery.

Consultation Series Choosing a ‘Mr’ or ‘Dr’ Surgeon

As Dr Hanikeri explains, “All doctors, whether they’re Mr. or Dr., are all doctors. And whether they call themselves Mr. or call themselves Dr., is really a matter of preference rather than a matter of training.” Watch Dr Hanikeri explain the historical background behind these two titles.

Consultation Series Introduction

In the words of Dr Hanikeri, “For me, the most important aspect of the first consultation with the patient is to confirm their goals are consistent with mine.” In this video, Dr Mark Hanikeri explains the importance of understanding a patient’s concerns and expectations of a surgery, and to ensure he is capable of achieving the patient’s goals through surgery.

Consultation Series Choosing The Right Surgeon

Researching for a plastic surgeon to perform your procedure can be a big, and sometimes overwhelming, decision. It’s important to note that at the moment in Australia, any doctor with a medical degree can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon even if they have no surgical training or experience.

Breast Reduction Consultation Series

Due to the heaviness of substantially larger breasts, a breast reduction can reduce the sagging and weight of the breast, however, a lift can raise the position of the nipples due to the sag from the initial breast weight.

Continue watching Dr Mark Hanikeri to learn more.

Breast Reduction Consultation Series High BMI

In the event that a patient has a BMI of 32 or less and suffers functional problems which will benefit from surgery, then they may be considered for breast reduction surgery. Dr Hanikeri explains if a patient’s BMI exceeds 33, they may be required to lose weight and maintain a healthy, stable BMI before surgery.

Breast Reduction Consultation Series Patient Age

Dr Mark Hanikeri has performed a breast reduction on a 14-year-old girl, and also many women in their 80’s. The most common age group he sees for breast reduction is women anywhere in their mid-twenties to mid-forties. Watch this video where Mark Hanikeri discusses suitable ages for breast reduction.

Helping patients realise their body goals.

Breast Reduction Consultation Series Case Studies

“Breast reduction surgery can be life transforming.” Statistics have shown that breast reduction surgery has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates of all surgical procedures. In this video, Dr Mark Hanikeri lists three case studies of previous patients, where breast reduction changed their lives.

Breast Consultation Series Recovery Results

All surgical procedures require a recovery time for physical recovery, and aesthetic recovery. Dr Mark Hanikeri explains that it’s important for patients to understand that the final outcome from the breast augmentation procedure may not be visible for several months.

Breast Consultation Series Patient Expectations

It’s important for Dr Mark Hanikeri to understand, as the surgeon, exactly what the patient wants to achieve out of breast augmentation surgery. From this, he can understand if he can marry up his skills and your desires to achieve a satisfying result. Find out what is accomplishable through plastic surgery.