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Eating healthy after liposuction

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The results of any weight loss surgery or procedure are more likely to stay in place when you follow a healthy diet, fitness and lifestyle plan. When you get liposuction, it’s important for you to maintain a regimen that includes eating healthy food, not eating too much and learning what helps you keep the weight off.

One of the things that will be recommended after the surgery is a plan to take care of your body and maintain the new body fat percentage. This can be easier said than done when in our day to day lives, there are unavoidable moments of food temptation like holidays, gatherings and special occasions.

So, how do we get through a time with delicious chocolates, cookies and cupcakes? Here are a few tips.

Eating after liposuction: Don’t Deprive Yourself, But Don’t Overdo It

Even if you are watching your weight, you should still be okay to eat some chocolate in moderation. If you’re going to eat some sweet treats just plan ahead what you’ll eat, and when you do eat, don’t go overboard. The secret to indulging yourself is in moderation by way of portion control.

Choose Healthy Food Options

If you’re going to go out for dinner, it’s smart to look for tasty alternatives to the foods you eat. For starters, you can look for a restaurant that serves healthier meal options or you can find alternatives on the menu of where you’re going.

Instead of pasta, why not order spiralized vegetables instead? Reduce your intake of foods with a lot of buttery sauces, and eat smaller meals. If you want to skip the challenge of navigating a restaurant menu altogether, why not stay in and have a romantic cooking night with your partner? It’s a fun way to stay on track with your goals

Snack on Healthy Food

One of the best parts of dining out is food like strawberries, cherries and red bell peppers. These are some of the foods you can add to your snack plate. You’ll get to graze with less guilt, and even give yourself a little more room for a small indulgence like a bar of chocolate or a cupcake.

The key to staying on track with your diet and health goals is fitting your more indulgent meals into an overall healthy lifestyle. Exercise often, and keep indulgent meals to a couple of times a week. That way, going out for a meal won’t totally derail you and you won’t have to get yourself back on the wagon afterwards.

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