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Cosmetic Surgery and Cancer

Dr Hanikeri offers a range of surgical procedures for the breasts, body and face.

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In recent times, Plastic Surgery has gained a reputation of being unnecessary, vain and materialistic. However, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery is still a huge part of the work of most Plastic surgeons. Modern Plastic Surgery emerged in the First World War to help reconstruct soldiers devastated by blast injuries and is now life-changing for many cancer patients. Since then it has grown to include reconstruction of patients affected by a wide range of conditions including trauma, cancer, burns and birth defects.

Treatments designed to cure cancer can have detrimental effects on not only the patient’s psychology, but also physiology. Common cancers such as breast cancer and skin cancer, can greatly affect a patient’s appearance and confidence. Specialist Plastic Surgeons such as Dr Mark Hanikeri, are often called on to resect and perform reconstructive surgery for these cancer patients. They use reconstructive techniques to close deep wounds when a large amount of tissue has been excised. This can help to reduce scarring post-surgery and restore the patient to their former appearance greatly improving their quality of life.

Breast reconstructive surgery performed by a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, following a mastectomy, helps to recreate the shape of the breast. It can be done at the same time as the mastectomy (immediate reconstruction), or as a separate procedure at a later date, sometimes many years after the mastectomy (delayed reconstruction).

An important field in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is known as Reconstructive Microsurgery. This involves a Specialist Plastic Surgeon using techniques that move tissues around the body, reconnecting blood vessel using a powerful microscope in order to maintain the circulation to these tissues and to reconstruct certain defects. Microsurgeons can also use these techniques to restore function in nerves following trauma or when nerves are lost due to birth defects or cancer

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