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Can I have a breast reduction if I am overweight?

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Breast reduction surgery is not generally recommended for patients who are overweight.

If you are considering a breast reduction procedure, you may be wondering if you are a suitable candidate. Suppose you are dissatisfied with breasts that are particularly large and heavy and are struggling with pain and discomfort. As a result, the procedure might be right for you. But should you go ahead with the surgery if you are overweight? Read on to find out why bodyweight is a factor when considering breast reduction, and what the procedure involves…

Is bodyweight a factor?  

Although each patient is different, it is generally better to delay breast reduction surgery if you are overweight. If you are just a few kilograms above your ideal weight, there is generally no problem with undergoing surgery. If, however, you are significantly overweight, it is recommended that you focus on losing weight before going ahead with the procedure.

Being overweight puts you at greater risk of complications during and after surgery. Possible complications include issues with wound healing and damage to the blood supply to the nipple.

It is also better to be at a stable and healthy body weight before breast reduction surgery so that you can see just how much you would like your breasts reduced. Often women who are overweight have excess fatty tissue in the breast area, which is not breast tissue. For this reason and optimal results, it is best to lose weight before surgery.

Why consider breast reduction?   

Breast reduction surgery may be performed for several reasons. Women with large breasts often experience uncomfortable symptoms such as neckache, backache, shoulder pain, skin irritation underneath the breast, difficulty with exercise and an inability to fit into clothes properly. Breast reduction surgery helps to resolve these symptoms, and also improves the overall appearance of the breasts.

What does the procedure involve?    

During breast reduction surgery, excess breast tissue and skin are removed to achieve smaller, firmer breasts. The areola is also reduced in size, while the nipple is elevated into a new position. Once the excess tissue and skin have been removed, the remaining breast tissue is carefully reshaped for an enhanced, more youthful-looking appearance. The specific technique that is used depends on several factors, including your breast size, aesthetic goals and lifestyle demands.

How can we help?    

Dr Mark Hanikeri offers many breast procedures, including breast reduction surgery. Fully qualified and experienced in the field, Dr Hanikeri has practiced for 16 years and produces natural and aesthetically pleasing results.

If you are not sure if you are a suitable candidate for breast reduction surgery, we recommend that you come in for a consultation. Dr Hanikeri will advise you on the treatment that suits you best, depending on your particular concerns and aesthetic goals. If you would like to find out more about breast reduction surgery, please have a look here.

Dr Hanikeri offers a comprehensive range of procedures designed to enhance, reshape and sculpt the body, face and breasts. For a full list of the available procedures, please have a look here.

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