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Breast Revision Perth

Breast Revision Surgery

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Breast Revision

Breast revision surgery can help to improve or correct the results of previous breast surgery

Dr Mark Hanikeri is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon that specialises in Breast Revision Surgery. Some of the many reasons that clients undergo breast revision surgery may include capsular contraction, implant rupture, double bubble deformity, infection or symmastia.

​What is Symmastia and how can it be avoided?

Symmastia refers to the condition in which the breasts look as though they have merged in the centre. Whilst some cases may result from congenital abnormalities, most cases can be related back to poor surgery technique.

Following breast augmentation, if there has been too much dissection of the midline, especially with excessive release of the pec major muscles, pressure can cause the implants to shift out of place or drift toward the centre of your chest. The result is a lack of defined cleavage as the skin/and or muscle (depending on the implant placement) has lifted off the breast bone. This can cause pain and discomfort.

Symmastia is most likely to occur in patients that opt for larger implants if surgery is not performed correctly. This makes it imperative to research your surgeon and their credentials prior to breast augmentation surgery.

Can Symmastia be treated?

Luckily, although challenging and difficult, Symmastia can in most cases be repaired with breast revision surgery. The revision procedure will vary depending on each case and factors including the position of the breasts and implants, and how the inner-tissues have healed.

In most cases surgery involves removing scar tissue and repairing the breast pockets. Then the breast implants are replaced (possibly with a smaller size implant) and permanent internal sutures will help hold breasts and implants in the proper position.

Post Symmastia Surgery Care

A patient must ensure they follow the recovery guidelines provided by their plastic surgeon. You may be fitted with a “thong bra” to assist in cleavage support post breast revision surgery and advised to avoid exercise for a prescribed number of weeks/months.

If you have suffered complications from a previous breast augmentation surgery, Dr Mark Hanikeri can advise of potential solutions in an arranged consultation.