What to expect after breast lift surgery?

Plastic surgery patients who undergo a breast lift will often be mobile immediately and can resume driving, light activities and light exercise such as walking after two weeks. They can usually return to normal activities and exercise within four to six weeks. Most patients are recommended to take around one to two weeks off work after the operation depending on the physical demands of their job. These post operative recommendations are determined by your surgeon. 

Whilst scars are not completely predictable, most are barely visible and are easily concealed in time.  They may appear pink and slightly thickened for a few weeks to months after the surgery but will usually fade to be pale and soft by around three to six months.  Their final appearance may take up to eighteen months to achieve.  Most patients experience very minimal scarring in the longer term.

​Dr Hanikeri will usually recommend topical scar therapy such as silicone tape to be used from around the fourth postoperative week, until around three months after surgery.

​Risks of breast lift surgery

All surgical procedures carry some risks. The potential risks are discussed at the initial consultation and will be outlined via your secure patient portal (TouchMD). Some risks may include:

Changes in nipple or breast sensation may occur and whilst they may be temporary, they can also be permanent though this is rare.

Pregnancy and weight fluctuations can alter breast size and breast tissue in an unpredictable way and could affect the results of your breast lift.

The surgery will be performed under general anaesthesia. 

Patients are instructed to wear a postoperative compression garment for the first four weeks after the surgery. 

Incision lines result in scars which will fade over time.  These will be permanently visible; however, they are usually easily concealed. Occasional poor healing of incisions may lead to necessary revision surgery.

Breasts may not be perfectly symmetrical and nipple height may vary slightly. Minor adjustments can be made if required, usually sometime later but patients should remember that natural breasts do show some variation. 

Gravity and the effects of ageing and weight fluctuations will alter the size and shape of every woman’s breasts. Some patients may choose to undergo a second breast lift procedure. 

Before undergoing a breast lift, it is highly important to get an opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner, one which is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon recognised by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, such as Dr Mark Hanikeri.

Breast Lift in Perth

If you would like to know more about the breast lift procedure, seek a second opinion, or request a consultation, please contact us today to book a consultation with Dr Mark Hanikeri.


Do I need a breast lift or reduction?

If you are happy with the size of your breasts in a bra, and have no symptoms of neck, back or shoulder pain, it is unlikely that you would benefit from breast reduction. If you are unhappy with the sagging of your breasts in this case, a breast lift may help. If you want larger firmer breasts with less sag, then augmentation and breast lift may be the best procedure for you. Breast reduction is performed if the breasts are too large and includes breast lift as part of the reduction. It is performed to reduce symptoms of pain in the neck, back and shoulders, resulting from large breasts and should not be combined with breast implants in most cases.