Dr Mark Hanikeri Breast Lift

Candidates for Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery is an effective choice for those who would like to enhance the shape and contour of their breasts. It is no secret that many women notice a…

How to treat Lipoedema

In recent years, there has been a rising awareness of the condition called lipoedema (American spelling Lipoedema). Lipoedema is a common chronic condition occurring in 1 in 11 women where…

How To Choose The Right Cosmetic Surgeon: Questions To Ask In Your Consult

The decision to get cosmetic surgery isn’t one that anyone should take lightly. Depending on what you’re getting done, the healing and recovery can belong, and the outcomes need to…

What are the Most Common Procedures the Rich and Famous Do?

The world’s richest, most glamorous and famous people have access to the world’s best trainers, chefs, clothes and beauty products to keep their bodies fit and toned, and their faces…
eating after liposuction

Eating healthy after liposuction

The results of any weight loss surgery or procedure are more likely to stay in place when you follow a healthy diet, fitness and lifestyle plan. When you get liposuction,…
Augmented reality and plastic surgery

Augmented Reality and Plastic Surgery

Augmented reality (AR) is defined by Wikipedia as “An interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information”…
eyelid surgery ins and outs

Eyelid Surgery – the in’s and out’s

If your friends and acquaintances are saying you look tired and you want a more rested appearance, eyelid rejuvenation surgery may be of benefit to you. With ageing, genetic factors,…

Do We Offer Payment Plans

Yes, we offer payment plans for our patients ‘in advance’ of their upcoming breast surgery, tummy tuck or any other plastic / cosmetic surgery that Mr Hanikeri performs. Our patients…


Do you want to ‘try before you buy’ your breast augmentation surgery. With the new Vectra 3D imaging you can visualise the possible look of your breasts after breast augmentation….

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cosmetic surgery and cancer

Cosmetic Surgery and Cancer

In recent times, Plastic Surgery has gained a reputation of being unnecessary, vain and materialistic. However, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery is still a huge part of the work of most Plastic…
Facelift Questions You've Always Wanted to Know

Facelift Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Know

Facelifts are becoming increasingly popular as a subtle, yet effective means to achieve an overall younger appearance. A Facelift procedure restores the patient’s facial appearance to a fresher, more youthful…

Instagram is banning plastic surgery face filters

It was announced this month that Instagram will be banning face filters that mimic plastic surgery. The decision was prompted in an effort by the site to minimise the impact…